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New version of Unify - 01 Aug 2023

Jessica Administrator Posts: 9
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01 Aug 2023 Release Notes

This release is designed around improvements to the user experience.

Manage Integrations

Connector Management

Simplify creating and managing Unify integrations on the Unify Connectors page. The following connectors are included. Note that the previous method for creating and managing connectors is still available.

  • PI AF connector
  • PI AF time series connector
  • Azure Digital Twins Publish connector
  • Azure Digital Twins Ingest connector
  • AWS Redshift Publish connector
  • Amazon S3 Publish connector
  • Amazon S3 Stream Publish connector

IDF Rapid Deployment

Element Unify, HighByte Intelligence Hub, and AWS SiteWise come together to address an industrial manufacturing problem reliant on a combination of IT and OT data. The IDF Quick Start enables you to rapidly model an IDF solution based on initial input and iterate to ensure you can visualize the shape of the solution. Contact us to learn more about the IDF Quick Start.

Build Models


  • Order of columns
  • Filters
  • Columns shown
  • Pipeline notes layering: if moved to a transform, a pipeline note is always shown layered under the transformation
  • Pipeline read-only/edit mode: several enhancements were added to the pipeline read-only feature: 
  • New pipeline read-only mode icon
  • Corrections to pipeline read-only/edit: ensure pipeline is in read-only the first time it’s opened, functions/groups of a pipeline in edit mode are also in edit mode, and remember edit mode during a user’s session

Other updates

  • Better management and investigation during incidents with OpenTelemetry Instrumentation
  • Corrected redundancy and removed “relationship type” data properties in graph
  • Function inputs/outputs are ordered alphanumerically