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Upgraded Support Process for Element Unify

mostafa Administrator Posts: 16

Hi Element Unify users,

We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our support process that will help streamline the feedback collection process on incidents, bug reports, feature requests, and/or general inquiries or requests.

The new support process empowers you:

  • to create qualifying high-severity incident tickets while being able to track their status
  • to receive a confirmation email for the support tickets Element support team creates on your behalf and get updates in your inbox
  • to get your general inquiries or requests resolved faster

The new Support process is based on:

  • Leveraging Knowledge-Based articles on Element’s User Community
  • Interaction between Element team and/or users across customers/partners on Element’s User Community
  • Initiating a conversation with Element’s support team from Element Unify (Recommended) - See below for instructions
  • Sending email to [email protected] as the primary point of contact for users

Support Outreach Options:

1- Initiate a conversation with Element’s support team (Recommended)

To utilize this option, please login to your organization and navigate to the top right corner of Element Unify and click on the

icon and then “Chat With Support”.

On the flyout page, click on “Send us a message” and then follow the prompts provided to you to suit your support request (see below for the available options):

2- Send an email to [email protected]. To utilize this support option, please provide a detailed summary of your support request. If you are using this option to report an issue, please provide a comprehensive description of the issue you are experiencing, the expected behavior for the Unify functionality, the impact to your business and whether a workaround exists, and a URL address to where you see the issue. 

Note: Please note that the support requests sent via [email protected] email address will be reviewed during Element’s business hours. If you are experiencing an issue that has a significant impact to your business and there is no workaround for it and it requires immediate attention from Element, please use option 1.