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New version of Unify - 06 Jun 2023

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06 Jun 2023 Release Notes

This release makes it easier to collaborate and see status notifications, enables you to share time series data with Amazon S3, and prevents accidental changes to pipelines.

Manage Infrastructure & Admin

Describe Report Contents

Added tooltips on the System Logs and System Utilization reports to define the fields and statuses.

New User Notifications

New notifications have replaced the banners. These appear at the bottom of the app. Informational notifications automatically disappear but you can also close them. You must close errors to remove them.

Build Integrations

Integration to Amazon S3 for Time Series Data

Get relevant, contextualized operational time series data to the systems and stakeholders that need it via an integration to Amazon S3.

  • Writes streaming data as event files to an S3 bucket
  • Event files are partitioned by a date/time prefix (e.g. datastream_name\YYYY\MM\DD\HH\eventfilename.csv); the date/time is based on the time the connector ran, not based on the timestamps of the data within the event file
  • You can choose to export event files as CSV or Parquet

Manage Integrations

Rotate Connector Credentials

Manage integration security by rotating connector machine credentials. Using a command line interface, you can create new machine users and also change passwords. The available commands include:

  • add: specify a name, defaults to “machine-user-${account-id}” and password
  • set-password: specify the user ID and a new password

Note: once set, passwords are not accessible, so make note of the password

Govern Models

Read-only Mode for Pipelines

Avoid accidental changes to pipelines with a new read-only mode. Each time a pipeline is opened, it’s set to read-only. To make changes, you can select to put the pipeline in edit mode. The pipeline will remain in edit mode while you’re on that page, but will revert to read-only if you navigate to another page.

Resizable Pipeline Notes

Enable better collaboration between users with resizable pipeline notes. You can choose the size of the note (to a minimum or maximum) and the text wraps according to the size and shape of the note.

Deprecation Notice

The Sensor Diagnostics capability has been deprecated. The ability to gather sensor diagnostic data still still available, for example, an alternative workflow is to push the data to a data visualization/warehouse tool (e.g. Amazon Redshift or Microsoft PowerBI) and write queries that analyze the sensor data. Contact us to learn more.

Other Updates

  • Corrected the copy & paste notes capability