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Announcing Unify 5.0!

Jessica Administrator Posts: 9

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Unify 5.0 on March 15, 2023 at 7pm Eastern. This release includes the highly anticipated Time Series Data Mover (TSDM) capability, which simplifies the transfer of time series data from AVEVA PI Data Archive to the cloud with context.

Data is the foundation of any digital transformation and organizations are generating data in unprecedented amounts. From equipment sensors to drone surveys and automated production lines to employees entering information in mobile apps, the volume and format of data is vast. Organizations need that data to be accessible, relevant, and contextual. Cloud computing and storage allow for accessibility but making the data relevant and contextual still requires a significant amount of work.

With this release Element Unify gives customers an affordable, reusable, and efficient solution for making operational data from plants and sites ready for cloud consumption by analytics or monitoring systems.

Join us next week for a webinar where we'll share highlights of the release and a demo:

For more details on the release, see the Unify 5.0 release notes.