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Unify 4.3.10 release

svelezsaffon Alumni Posts: 13
edited February 17 in Element EDU

The next Unify release comes with exciting new capabilities that continue to speed up your ability to leverage operations data with an additional parsing tool, group component previews, a new connector, improved system stability, and more!

What’s New

JSON Transformation

Reduce complexity in pipeline creation and management with a JSON-specific transformation in Unify. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight, cross-platform way to exchange data, for example extracting from Inductive Automation’s Ignition or Kepware Software into Unify.

A new transformation has been added to the Unify pipeline tools to parse JSON data into a standard tabular format. This eliminates the manual step of using .CSV formats to access JSON data in Unify. You can think of JSON as a key-value pair object; with this transformation you can convert the Keys into flow columns and its values as the rows.

Using the JSON Transformation

See this video for an overview of using the new transformation:

JSON transformation screenshot

The JSON transformation configuration page has 3 main panels:

  1. Drop down list: On this drop down the user can select which column to be parsed, the selected column should have data in JSON object format
  2. Query configuration. This panel is where the user configures new JSON queries
  3. Preview panel: Panel that displays the result of each JSOn query. The user can preview each new column

Group Component Preview

Unify pipelines often have multiple components that are organized in groups, which simplify the overall navigation and viewing of a pipeline. The new group component preview gives you a quick look into the contents of a group without leaving the main pipeline canvas.

Using the group component preview

See this video for an overview of using the new group component preview:

Group component preview screenshot

PI Asset Framework Connector

Many Element customers use PI Asset Framework (AF) to organize their assets and processes. With this new connector, you can bring PI Asset Framework (AF) metadata directly into Element Unify for AF hierarchy management and deployment. 

Users can deploy the new PI system connector following the deployment instructions found here:

PI Asset Framework connector card screenshot

Other improvements and features

  • Sortable audit transformation
  • General permissions improvements
  • General datasets improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Boolean values are displayed empty on flow preview, they should display True/False
  • User can’t delete a used template on graph builder
  • UI should not cache graph errors
  • Join column selection gets stuck when flow has 1 column
  • User should be able to add new labels to any dataset
  • Pipeline transformation resizing after description is added 
  • UI performance improvements
  • Failed to upload datasets should not be displayed on catalog page
  • New orgs are not available to user in a reasonable time