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Using Validator Block in Grouped Components

I have a couple of comments about using the validator block in Grouped Components

1.) If you add a validator block into a grouped component, you need to get out and then back into the grouped component for it to work. Also, if you make any change while in the grouped component, the validator block goes back to grey and you have to get back out and back in to see it change colors.

2.) Since by the nature of the grouped component, you cannot see if a validator block logic shows an issue so you may not notice it being red or yellow (depending on how your logic is) until you go into the grouped component. It would be great if there was an icon that was on the grouped component that would allow you to know the status of the validator blocks. Not sure how that would look but maybe a checkbox in the config on the validator block that would give an alarm to the grouped component so that we can visually see that there is a problem in the grouped component.