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New Unify release 4.3.0

svelezsaffon Alumni Posts: 13
edited September 2022 in Element EDU

The new Unify release comes packed with many features and fixes.

New Features

New connector registration ui:

Users can register new connectors straight from the Unify interface, no external tools are required going forward.


New Dataset Selector:

We noticed our pipeline canvas UI starting to hit usability limits with large data set count. We refactored the canvas to simplify this. Pipeline editors can now search, edit and filter new datasets with a single transformation.


New Function Selector

Usability issues similar to data sets were visible with functional selectors as well. Pipeline editors can now search, edit and filter new functions with a single transformation.


High Priority fixes

  • Allows users to have different orgs open across multiple tabs in the same browser window. Resolved an error that resulted in the system always displaying the most recently opened org.
  • Audit transformation now correctly displays TEMPLATE and SENSOR COLUMNS
  • Mapped attributes can be edited through the map attributes transformation
  • When creating derived attributes on a template, the derived from value will correctly display the template ID instead of the template name.
  • Audit flows containing errors are now supported within the regular pipeline flow. 
  • Resolved Cypher queries error triggered by user limiting the result set to 350 rows.
  • Users can re add inputs to a pipeline group after removing the prior input
  • Resolve graph publish errors associated with changing the identity keys

Other fixes

  • Support user ability to select datasets inside a function
  • Security Improvements