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Unify 4.2.9 is released with new major changes!

svelezsaffon Alumni Posts: 13
edited February 17 in General

We are delighted to share that we are releasing several new functionalities that will ease your model building in Unify.

What's new

Semantic Graph Builder

The semantic graph build capabilities enable users to create and maintain graphs through the mapping of their business information model (the semantics which are in the form of Unify Templates) to data sources which are cleaned and prepared through the use of Unify pipelines.

Users focus on the semantics, the meaning and context of their business and the mapping of data sources which represent instance data from potentially many disparate and disconnected systems and databases.

Pipeline transformation grouping

We are proactively adding more transformations to Unify, for this, we need to be able to group them, so you can find them easier.

The transformations are now divided into 3 major groups:

  • Sql Transformations
  • This group contains all transformations that use SQL as a base

  • Mapping transformations
  • This group contains transformations that are used to map values

  • Others
  • This group will contain all other transformations, such as joins, unions etc.

The pipeline canvas will now looks like this:


  • Previously, there were many asynchronous errors when creating a new dataset, pipeline or functions. Every time you create a new artifact, Unify will wait until it is created and then display the list of new objects.

  • Graph node transformation will not display the selected value for node labels.

  • Sometimes pipeline flows were not clickable, this issue arises when the user made a special sequence of clicks, the last flow cannot be selected

  • Advanced join speed improvement