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SQL Query Cheat Sheet

mostafa Administrator Posts: 14
edited February 17 in Templates and Pipelines

Unify provides various built-in transformations to transform data into a more usable/context-rich format. Among those transformations is the SQL query where you can perform more advanced/flexible operation on the data. Today, I'm sharing a cheat sheet of the most commonly used SQL queries that our team and customers have been using to get insight from their data. Please note that we have also created sample functions for these SQL queries that the Element team is happy to clone them into your Unify environment for easy and quick use in your projects. If you need access to the functions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] or talk to your point of contact at Element and provide the Unify organization ID that you'd like to see these functions to be cloned into. Please also post in the thread any missing SQL queries that you have used in your project. Thanks