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Audit Transformation

svelezsaffon Alumni Posts: 13
edited June 2022 in Element EDU

Audit transformation

Lets the user make changes to a pipeline flow in a table format, the user needs to base these changes on a column that has unique values. The unique values will help identify which rows will be edited.

The user can also see what edits have been done to the given flow, these edits can be undone under the Edits tab.

The Audit transform is composed of

New transform is located on the bottom of all transformations

Two output flows, flow containing edited values and flow edition errors

Transformation configuration

Drop down list to select the column with unique values, this is the column that will guide how edits are applied.

Flow tab and edit tabs

  • Flow tab: Contains a table representing all the values on the flow, this table is where the edits are made.
  • Edits Tab: Contains the history list of edits made to the flow, each of the edits can be undone.

The following video shows a step by step guide to configure audit transformation


  • Remove duplicated datasets on pipeline canvas menu