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How do I re-arrange the order of my templates?

I'm building my library of equipment templates and I didn't think about the order in which I'm creating each template. Now I'm stuck with that order. How do I rearrange them? I'm finnicky and I want everything in a logical order.


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  • hi @kanyinsa - see below - I want to list my engine templates sequentially but I don't want to have to build them sequentially b/c that takes planning and I may add templates later as equipment is added at the plants -in the example below, how can I make my Clark TLA-8 template appear before my Clark TLA-10 template? I'm expecting to be able to drag and drop but that's obviously not supported.

  • kanyinsa
    kanyinsa Alumni Posts: 53

    @heath ok I see, thanks for the screen shot! In this case, the alphabetical/sequential ordering is kicking in, which is why TLA-10 is showing before TLA-8. The template library doesn't yet support dragging and dropping the template 'tiles' to re-sort. However, we can post this on the Product Feedback discussion board, if you would like to see this feature in the product!