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Soft launch feedback

Laurie Administrator Posts: 1

This is awesome!

On the discussions tab, I clicked into a few discussions, then those discussions because the top ones on the page. Which is great - except they were also repeated right below under the double lines. Is the top section supposed to be recently viewed? I think it would help to call that out as recently viewed - and if possible remove those from the lower section. Otherwise it looks like we have the same conversation twice

The knowledge base main page feels like its poorly used screen real estate. Either too many categories, too big of icons or too much white space on the side. Either way - a lot of scrolling to see all the categories. Can we modify the layout? Or merge categories?


  • kanyinsa
    kanyinsa Alumni Posts: 53
    edited January 2022

    Thank you for the feedback @Laurie ! To address your comment on the duplicate discussions, the Vanilla team said this:

    "The first “Introduce Yourself” and “Community Guidelines” discussion posts are displaying via the Tabs Widget first and then via the discussions list. Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent the announced posts from displaying at the top of the discussions list.


    To avoid duplicate content, I’d suggest either swapping the order of the tabs in the Tabs Widget or updating the homepage layout."

    So the Community team will rethink how to design the page! Thx!