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Miscellaneous feedback on soft launch

  • Copying this one over from email - Just tried to register/ registered. First feedback (so that I don't forget later when I have access) is if we invite people then they should be pre-approved in the system (based on their email, unless you want to use the reason they want to join as a basis of denying them ) and get access straight away rather than have to wait for a human to be in the middle.
  • I also suggest changing this message " Your application will be reviewed by an administrator. You will be notified by email if your application is approved." to " Your application is being processed. You will receive an email from  [email address] within [x duration] once the processing is completed. If you do not see the email in your inbox within [x duration] please check your spam folder (or put in some other action that they should take)".
  • clicking on Trending Discussions and Unanswered Questions results in "No discussions were found" but then below it shows discussions (from Community Bulletin tab) anyway
  • On the categories page, unclear why General is not bolded like the other categories
  • Not sure what the Groups page is for but it has no groups on it. Can we create some initial ones (even two) or suppress it until they emerge (but that is unlikely if we suppress so let's create some groups). Also be helpful to describe the purpose of the page near the top so people know what to make of it. Can they join groups only or can they also create their own groups? Are groups "private" as an option?
  • Knowledge base page:
  • what is the purpose of the Archive KB? Are the individual units KBs? Since the whole page is Knowledge Base can we use another name for these?
  • Why are "Asset Pipelines" and "Working with Data Pipelines" separate?
  • Looks like there are two "items/tiles" called Archive - one is migrated content and one is non-current or unused. Can we "hide" the unused or non-current content?
  • Not sure what "Foundation: Asset Graph" means.
  • Can we change "Element Graph V2" to "Element Graph"
  • Can the items be rearranged? We have Getting Started and then Archive. I think others (e.g. setting up your data or managing your product settings could go earlier than near the end of the page)
  • Clicking Release Notes takes me to a page titled "Other Articles" - I expected release notes
  • The release notes are named strangely - some have years, some mention a quarter without year...
  • Are these release notes available today to customers?
  • lets change AF Management Tool to AF Management Client. Same for P&ID Tool.

on the home page we have "Industrial data ops" and "templates and pipelines" - it is not obvious to me which one I would want - "best practices" and "tips & tricks" sound similar to me


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  • Looks like my images did not come through so I will email my message to Kanyin