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Introduce Yourself!

kanyinsa Alumni Posts: 53
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Now that you're here, we'd love to get to know you a bit better.

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  • Hi there! My name is Heath. I lead Customer Success at Element and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I'm not at work or doing stuff with family I'm paddling in the Bay or surfing at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Favorite food? Indian!

  • svelezsaffon
    svelezsaffon Alumni Posts: 13

    Hi! My name I Santiago Velez! I am Senior Test Engineer at Element. I enjoy mountain biking and video games, favorite food is Mexican and Noodles!

  • kdang
    kdang Member Posts: 1

    Hi! I'm Karen, a Software Engineer at Element. I live in Los Angeles and my favorite food is SUSHI. I enjoy cooking and playing video games.

  • Briscoe
    Briscoe Alumni Posts: 2

    Hi all – I'm Briscoe Pelkey, I'm part of the marketing team at Element. I live in Monterey, CA and love Mexican, French, Italian, Thai, Indian... Yeah it's like that. Most people are curious about my name – I was named after NFL player, Marlin Briscoe. He's cool - look him up!

  • dallas_element
    dallas_element Alumni Posts: 3

    Hi all! I'm Dallas Swift, a Solution Architect here at Element. I live outside Chicago with my wife and three kids. Favorite food...hard to pick just one, but I'm going to say BBQ!

  • Hi gang,

    I'm A.J. Qattan, friendly neighborhood Sales Development Manager. After Chapman University in Orange, California I traded in my Engineering hat for Sales and jumped on the Element rocketship.

    According to this study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; researchers found that people view those who were associated with sweet foods as more agreeable, friendly, and just a pleasant person all-around.

    So with that, I'd say my favorite food is a chocolate brownie.

  • SeanM
    SeanM Administrator, Moderator Posts: 2
    edited January 2022

    Welcome to the Element Community!

    I'm Sean McCormick, our CTO. I live in Oakland, CA with my wife and daughter and I'm a data nerd. I've been working on industrial analytics at Element for about 6 years and spend about 15 years prior to that in data driven advertising. My favorite food by far is the chili pepper - we're big believers in home cooking, so I make a new chili sauce about every weekend. My latest was a roasted red jalapeno, onion and carrot delight with, of course, some Mexican oregano and a touch of cumin.

  • avinash
    avinash Alumni Posts: 2

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm Avinash, recently joined as FDE reporting to Mostafa. I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my wife. Prior to Element, I spent 6 years at GE as an Analytics Engineer building and developing Digital Twins for multiple industries. Prior to that, I spent 2 years as a Predictive Analytics Engineer at Caterpillar (Remote Fleet Monitoring Center) building, deploying and using digital twins of Mining Haul Trucks and Large Engines for Cat's worldwide Mining and Oil & Gas customers.

    My favorite food is Biryani and I enjoy cooking up variations of it using the instant pot 😊

  • kanyinsa
    kanyinsa Alumni Posts: 53

    Welcome new members @bperlstein and @JeffWitt ! Feel free to comment on this post and introduce yourself for some community points!

  • psantiago
    psantiago Member Posts: 2

    Greetings fellow Elementites! My name is Peter Santiago, and originally hail from New York City. I am an Architect with Cargill's CSST Division. I enjoy Sci-Fi Movies specifically Cyberpunk, Video Gaming (RPG, MMORPG and FPS), Traveling Abroad. My favorite food is Pizza, and Hot and Spicy Pad Thai.

    When I'm not saving the world, I am a father of 5 who loves to tinker with technology, a foodie, investing and mining bitcoins.